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Our Immediate Needs

Funds are urgently needed for the office space, administrative costs and for the implementation of Programs and Activities for the

underprivileged children and youth.

Proposed budget for the Financial Year 2015-16 (1st April-31st March 2017) is herewith given below:

If you would like to donate to a particular need please click on the button beside the project.







Amount in

US $


Projects and activities




i.          Annual Event-Drawing Competition -

        during November marking Children’s Day

        (Venue, transportation, drawing material,

        food & miscellaneous for 300 children)




I’d like to donate


ii.        Students Educational Assistance


   (school fees, books, uniforms, shoes & miscellaneous

   for 25 children - US $35 x 25 children x 12 months)




I’d like to donate



iii.      Training in Music & Dance


(training in music for 5 children and training in

Dance for 5 children - US $100 x 10 children)




I’d like to donate



iv.      Student Skill Development Training


(training and refreshment cost for 25 school children-

    US $125 x 25 children per year)


(training, workshops, field visits cost for 50 university

Students - US $200 x 50 students)




I’d like to donate



Note: 15% program admin cost is included in the budget




Office Space:



i. Security Deposit

ii. Office Rent - US $400 x 12 months




I’d like to donate



Administrative Costs:


Internet charges, telephone charges, postage, stationery,

electricity & water charges, housekeeping salaries for 2 staff &





I’d like to donate








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A gift of $2 per week provides70 bags of healthy groceries to low-income families.

Of the high school seniors enrolled in mentoring programs at United Way member agencies, 100% graduated in 2014.

$60/week can provide materials for 3 volunteer-built handicap-accessible ramps allowing low-income seniors to live at home safely.

86% of parents with children enrolled at member agency Monroe County United Ministries reported an improved family financial situation.

In 2013-2014, the Indiana University community raised over $817,000 for United Way.

In the past year, Volunteers in Medicine provided 12,390 prescriptions to patients at no cost.

93% of children taking part in programs at Middle Way House, a United Way member agency, improved or maintained their grades.

Born Learning materials are free and help parents, caregivers, and our community create early learning opportunities for young children.

Calls made to 2-1-1 are free and confidential.

2-1-1 information and referral specialists responded to 5,172 inquiries and made 7,836 referrals to community resources.

Legacy Donors include United Way in their estate plans, including a will, a retirement plan, or a life insurance policy.

When you choose to donate to United Way, you improve a life.

A gift of $9 per week ensures 3 days of emergency shelter service for victims of domestic violence.

92% of clients obtained or maintained employment while recovering from addictions at Amethyst House.

Your donation of $1 per week provides 2 people with bus transportation to a new job for a month.

696 school children received adequate clothing, shoes, and school supplies so they could fully participate in classes at MCCSC, RBB, and Spencer-Owen.

A gift of $10 per week provides 3 community events to educate low-income community members about legal rights.

A gift of $20 per week can provide 50 people with their birth certificates which will help them in securing housing, employment, and other necessary resources.

A gift of $3 per week provides 12 people with needed prescription medicine.

Free Community Tax Service volunteers assisted low- and moderate-income people file 3,136 tax returns.

In 2014, the Internal Revenue Service estimated the Free Community Tax Service saved local residents up to $900,000 in tax preparation fees.