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The intervention programs of Fund a Child in India (FCI) are designed aiming at a child’s wholesome personality development through the medium of primary, secondary, and higher education to the underprivileged children and youth with FCI’s main focus being the girl child.

Fund a Child in India being an education initiative, runs and envisages programs and projects in the area of academics, talent development, and importantly after school child development programs in the form of skills training and workshops to the primary and secondary education students. To the higher education students various soft & hard skills training, workshops and field visits besides academics and talent development.

Current Projects:


  1. Students Education Assistance:

Background: At present, to begin with we have chosen ‘NC Colony & Doddigunta’ slum in Cox Town of Bangalore city in the State of Karnataka.

With a team of volunteers’ meticulous survey of the target area, we had identified the most deserving children in order to support them towards their schooling.

There are about 1100 families living in this target area. Due to limitations of resources, we are forced to confine to only offer them a monthly financial assistance albeit we cannot be oblivious to the fact that there are many such deserving children from these two localities. With the partnership from individuals and philanthropist agencies, we have plans of extending our support to many children covering many of their basic needs.

At FCI we felt after a thorough and comprehensive discussion as to how we should intervene with the children struggling to continue their schooling, it was unanimously proposed that they be considered for a monthly monetary assistance. While staying home, without getting detached from the family bonds of love, the children receive this support. As of now, we confine to a small number of children staying in a slum called ‘NC Colony-Doddigunta’ in Cox Town area of Bangalore city.

This help is extended to only 15 children because we from among ourselves have set apart a portion of our earnings, started disbursing the same to the most deserving girls who are studying.

There is more need as we personally visit this slum in Bangalore as we have appeals from the volunteers and social workers over there. We hope, as we continue with this humble yet powerful program, we are able to partner with likeminded charity people or those who are highly conscious of their social responsibility to implement this program in a big way extending it to all the deserving children from the marginalized background. We, at regular intervals, meet the parents, interact with the beneficiaries and thus ensure the best effective implementation of this program. There are as many as 200 such deserving children (both boys and girls) who look forward to this help from us. We would solicit any interested philanthropist agency or individual to partner with us in this endeavor. Apart from reaching out to the children in NC Colony‐Doddigunta slum, we also extend educational support to underprivileged children housed in various charity projects.

To name some ‐ Grace Fellowship Charitable Trust, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, Priya Darshini Seva Kendra Ashram School, Baldwin Methodist Kannada High School in Anepalya Slum and Government High School in Mangala tribal village through paying their academic fee, providing school supplies and library books.

  1. Student skills development training:

Fund a Child in India initiated the “Students Skills Development Training” to strengthen the students multiple intelligences and to make them aware of different aspects of life. We at Fund a Child in India would like to educate our students in a healthy way. Sometimes these children suffer because of well‐meaning but ignorant parents. An allround development of the personality of the child is required to make him a welladjusted and happy being, which in effect is the true purpose of education. This balance comes through equanimity in all fields. Most of the beneficiaries of Fund a Child in India come from underprivileged section of the society. In the present competitive world, apart from the academic education, it is important for the students to develop their other skills as well to compete with their peers. Since almost all the beneficiaries come from poor economic backgrounds where most of them are first generation literates and require improvement in several areas which we call the ‘soft skills development’ to be in par with their peers at school and to be able to compete with them, Fund a Child in India designed a program package to train the school students in various soft skills through competitions and fun way method. Hence, the “Students Skills Development Training”. Fund a Child in India conducts Quiz competitions and drawing competitions for the underprivileged students at schools and centers to name one; Samarthanam High School located in Hulimaavu, Bangalore.

Fund a Child in India wishes to provide to the students enrolled into the program, creative Supplementary Activities on Sundays to initiate and develop children's hobbies and intelligence at their Skills Training Center in Bangalore.

  1. Training in Music & Dance:

Students under the care of Fund a Child in India are encouraged to participate in various extra‐curricular activities in order to nurture their creativity and develop wholesome personality. It offers opportunities for the students to help them hone their talents and skills through the provision of various activities for developing their talents such as singing, dancing, painting, drawing, nail painting etc. The main objective of this initiative is to identify students who have keen interest and a desire in any of the skills mentioned to help them fulfill their dreams besides their educational aspirations and reach them to heights through providing professional training in that particular skill of their choice. Fund a Child in India supports students interested in developing their talents through providing them professional training in the field of music and dance. FCI is currently supporting Chaithra B, a budding engineer who has a great dancing talent.

Chaithra is now pursuing her junior course in “Bharathanatyam” classical dance at “NruthyaSangama Dance Class”, Whitefield, Bangalore.

4. Drawing Competition:

‐ Children’s Day Celebration: “DRAW YOUR DREAM”

‘Fund a Child in India’ organizes annually a Drawing Competition for the underprivileged children as part of the Children’s Day celebration in Bangalore. ‘Drawing is fun…drawing together is even more fun’ – the competition is a platform for the less fortunate children studying in grades 5 to 12 irrespective of gender, religion, caste and creed to come together and exhibit their drawing talents by drawing their dreams and have a competition experience as well.

The drawing competition was conducted on the 15th of November 2015. About 100 children from 3 slums – N C Colony, Cox Town, M R S Palya; and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled participated in the competition.

FCI believes that besides children having fun drawing their dreams together; it will also be a great experience and give them an opportunity 
to help build self‐confidence in them that they are nothing less and can compete with their peers.



Fund a Child in India (FCI), focuses mainly on the educational support due to financial constraints. The more funds are at our disposal, the better and more meaningful this student benefitting activity would be carried out. We urge you friends and well‐wishers of Fund a Child in India to get involved in this child care ministry by contributing towards the educational needs of the downtrodden children.


J R Dwarakanath Naidu    



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